How To Get Booked For Speaking Opportunities

How To Get Booked For Speaking Opportunities

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Are you an entrepreneur or a corporate professional with the following:

  • industry expertise
  • skill set in a specific domain
  • talent or hobby

Then you are an expert that can build a unique speaker profile in as little as 30 days.During this webinar, we go over the top 3 ways to get booked for speaking opportunities in 2017 and beyond.

We cover:

  • How to build a basic speaker profile
  • How to optimize speaker engagements
  • Top ways to get noticed by event organizers and get booked.


1. Understand the Speaker Circuit

2. Define Your Expertise

3. Define Your Audience

4. Define Your Price

5. Pre Speaker Booking

6. During Speaker Booking

7. Post Speaker Booking

8. Outbound

9. Inbound

10. Repeat