How to Make $1000+ a Month By Creating Your First Webinar in 1 Hour

How to Make $1000+ a Month By Creating Your First Webinar in 1 Hour

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Everyone has a talent, skill or experience that can benefit others. If people consistently turn to your for advice on anything- then it's time to monetize your expertise. Or If you find yourself repeating the same task easily- then its time to share your secrets with the world.

In this packed 1 hour session, we go over tactful strategies to create webinars that provide passive income immediately. 

By the end of this session you will be able to do the following:

  1. Create webinar topics, descriptions, images and content courses in under 15 minutes

  2. Create webinars featured on Eventbrite, Udemy, SkillShare, Coursera, Youtube and more.

  3. Automation: email list building, seminar recording, link downloads, pricing, and user hacking strategies to drive people to your registration details.

  4. Get booked for speaking engagements at conferences and events

  5. Networking Hacks: Maximize social media networking by leveraging Facebook & Linkedin Niche groups

Increase your monthly revenue stream by the thousands with this discounted webinar session! 

No gimmicks, no tricks- just a simple way to make money online quickly and effortlessly based on strategies taught by Forbes30Under30 Entrepreneur Christine Souffrant Ntim.

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Host: Christine Souffrant Ntim 

Christine Souffrant Ntim is a Haitian-American entrepreneur with over 7 years business management experience across 30+countries. She was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, AdAge 40 Under 40, Haiti Changemakers 1804 List, and Caribbean Change Makers 30 Under 30 in 2016. She speaks on leadership, disruptive entrepreneurship, and exponential tech AI, VR, Robotics at the United Nations, TEDx, European Union Forum and over 20+ global conferences each year.

She also interviews top influencers in the Middle East as the Managing Chapter Director of Startup Grind Dubai, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Today, Christine is an award-winning keynote speaker, traveler and serial entrepreneur who builds startup ecosystems for entrepreneurs via