The Ultimate Personal Branding Accelerator

The Ultimate Personal Branding Accelerator

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In today's rapidly moving landscape, it is now imperative to have a solid brand. What are you known for? What projects do you want to work on? What lifestyle do you want to lead? These are questions to ask yourself when transitioning to building a strong brand that leads to flexible work schedules, multiple income streams and most importantly, passionate life projects. We go over a simple step by step strategy that will help anyone build and scale their brand within 3 days.


Accelerator Items: 

Define Your Brand

  • Learn how to define your brand
  • Learn how to get your website live and optimized within 24 hours
  • Get access to the top 20 free tools to marketing your brand online

Validate Your Brand

  • Learn how to Leverage your network to get consulting and speaking opportunities immediately
  • Learn how to test your brand value with free speaking engagements and free webinar lead funnels

Monetize Your Brand

  • Learn the top 10 monetization strategies for personal branding (make money immediately)
  • Learn how to price your value for speaking engagements and digital products
  • Learn the ultimate press hacking strategy to get featured in global media outlets

Bonus: Optimize Your Brand

  • Email Marketing 101: Learn how to get thousands of new leads
  • Affiliate Marketing 101 Blogging, Webinars, Digital Products
  • Newsletters 101: Learn how to build and cultivate a following

At the conclusion of each session workshop, you will receive the following

  • Audio workshop recording
  • PPT slide deck
  • Guidebook
  • Worksheets
  • 100+ links and resources