The Ultimate Growth Hacking Course

The Ultimate Growth Hacking Course

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Acquiring customers is the most important thing startups need to do. Yet how do you cut through the noise and get access to customers? We go over the most exclusive growth hacking strategies needed to start and scale your company!

 Top User Acquisition hacks for attaining 10k - 100k customers.

We cover the following Ten Step Process to Growth Hacking

    • #1 Product
    • #2 Site Optimization
    • #3 Content Marketing & The Exceptional 5
    • #4 Competitor Hacks: (curation strategies- learn how to leverage other people's content)
    • #5 Email Marketing
    • #6 Influencers & Endorsers: Influencer Marketing (learn how to get your network and influencers with huge follower bases to promote your product)
    • #7 Site Submissions/Posting: Where to place your product links to get top exposure
    • #8 Paid Marketing
    • #9 Fake the Hype: Case study examples: Airbnb, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook
    • #10 Leverage Tools: Sites & Tools of Growth Hackers: we go over the top free tools to leverage for automating user acquisition growth

What do you get with this course? 

  • Audio Recording 
  • Video Recording
  • PPT PDF File