The Ultimate Product Hacking Course

The Ultimate Product Hacking Course

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Learn how to build an app or MVP product in 30 days with free tools! 

  • ¨Non Tech Founders (Problems)
  • ¨Non- Tech Founders (Solutions)
  • ¨Ten Step Process w/ Product Audit (Feedback Loop)


1.Cover the business development basics (write out the problem, solution, target customer, competitive landscape and current options).

2.Map out the ultimate product. Scale it back to the first version.

3.Map out the product development release phases

4.Use tools to create mock ups, wire frames and information architecture

5.Research landscape of product development options


1.Build without code (Influencer Strategy)

2.Build without code (AppMaker DIY)

3.Build without code (Wordpress)

4.Build with code (influencer Strategy)

5.Build with code (frameworks)


What Do You Get? 

  • Video Recording 
  • Audio Recording
  • PPT PDF File